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Healing with Apophyllite

Color: Clear, white, green, yellowish, peach

Appearance: Cubic or pyramidal crystals, may be transparent or opaque, small single crystals to large clusters

Rarity: Readily available

Source: Britain, Australia, India, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy

Healing: Apophyllite is regarded as the stone par excellence to assist Reiki healing. It facilitates taking the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness, and, at the same time takes the healer out of the way so that the transmission of healing energy to the patient is purer. 

Apophyllite works on the respiratory, and, when held to the chest, can stop asthma attacks. It neutralizes allergies and promotes the regeneration of the mucus membrane and the skin. Placing an apophyllite crystal on each eye rejuvenates the eyes. Apophyllite is especially useful in healing matters of the spirit and in helping the spirit to come to terms with being in a physical body. 

Position: Place as appropriate. Single apophyllite pyramids can be placed on the third eye whew channeling or meditating. When scrying, look into t he crystal from the corner of the eye. 

(Source: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall) 

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